photo of 5 skincare products as listed in description

Our skincare line is sold as a bundle on the webpage for convenient shopping.

We believe skin care products infused with CBD is one of the best skincare secrets out there. CBD skin care can do everything from clear acne to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Before you spend your hard-earned money on one of these products, here’s what you should know. Our Skincare line includes 5 products made with intentional ingredients.

Our Liposomal Face Wash is a light and creamy formula gently and completely cleanses without the need for foaming or lathering, leaving behind only fresh, soft supple skin. Made with our proprietary Liposomal Hemp Oil, this gentle facial wash will nourish deep within the skins surface to bring out a healthy glow, and good for all skin types. The Liposomal Face Wash is full of moisture boosting Organic Aloe and Olive Oil, soothing Organic Lavender and Calendula, with antioxidant rich Organic Rooibos and White Tea, along with natures “beauty mineral”, MSM and toning DMAE.

The Turmeric & Neem Scrub is second in our skincare routine, and is not too oily, not too dry – it’s Just Right! So if you have been searching for that perfect scrub, the one that can help tame oily, out of control, troubled skin needs, then this is the “just right” scrub for you! We add this scrub to our Liposomal Face Wash 2-3 times a week for the best soft skin. Our turmeric scrub includes certified organic turmeric, certified organic neem, and certified organic mustard seed bringing warm, purifying radiance and balance to oily, stressed skin. This scrub offers a truly unique and refining experience.


The third product in our routine is the Face Serum. We’ve developed this ultra smooth and rich serum for use both day and night. Use it directly after rinsing off your Liposomal Face Wash, place a pea-sized amount of Facial Serum onto fingertips and blend into your skin.The Face Serum includes organic rooibos delivers a unique blend of antioxidants and other nutrients to help skin’s youthful appearance. The perfect solution for any mature skincare regimen. Includes Vegan DMAE, which can help improve the appearance of chaotic and maturing skin. Contains sustainably-and locally-sourced MSM and Organic Jojoba Oil, one of the most compatible and effective oils.

The fourth product in our line is the Acai Hemp Lotion. Creamy and rich, Our Hemp Acai Lotion is the perfect solution for soothing dry or mature skin. Made with our Liposomal Hemp Oil, and Certified Organic. We recommend using it as a morning routine lotion to start your day. The Açaí Hemp Lotion is bursting with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, hemp oil increases hydration and combines flawlessly with acai, a powerful antioxidant, to make an ultra-nourishing cream. Add your favorite extracts, tinctures, and essential oils to enhance and customize your crème. Apply to face, body, elbows and heels or any area that you want to feel soft, smooth and beautiful.

Luxurious night cream is ultra hydrating.

The final product in our skincare like is the luxurious Night Cream. While you sleep, your skin is busy rejuvenating itself from the stresses of the day. This is the perfect time to nourish your skin and give it that extra boost, so it has a bounty of vitamins and nutrients to do its work. Night Cream is expertly formulated with our proprietary Liposomal Hemp Oil, vitamin-rich mango seed butter and powerful skin-loving shea butter, organic rosemary, and organic neem seed oil, and soothing white willow bark. This cream melts into your skin to bring the look and feel of total hydration and intense nourishment. And to add a special touch, this cream is lightly scented with the Essential Oils of – Clary Sage, Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Ylang Ylang II, Neroli, Geranium, and Lavender. All perfect for helping you stay balanced and wake up refreshed and naturally beautiful!

We like to finish off our skincare routine with a swipe of our lip balm too! With only 5 ingredients, it’s the best simple and effective lip moisturizer. And a fan favorite mask refresher! 😉